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Mon Reyes Artworks

Authentic- Sensual-Surreal

My art is not just a journal of my life's events. It's not just an interpretation of emotions I failed to express and verbalize early on. My art is not just all about my own reflection. In fact, it serves as a mirror to everyone who relates to it.

The people who admire my art have no idea how they illuminate my purpose. Every time they collect my art is like picking up broken pieces of a mirror. Displaying them on their wall pieces back those shards together. Which then provides a complete reflection of themselves. It displays what their heart desires and also revisits their pain in an accepting way. My art becomes their place of solace. On the other hand, this very same collection reveals more about me. Allowing my voice to be heard by them, seeing my reflection for the first time.


I know that my art is not meant for every audience. Not for the people who take it as shallow as what their eyes perceive. Its meaning and purpose are often denied. But what's wrong with instilling beauty in pain? For repainting dark skies with stars and moon? Haven't they ever seen a boy cry or adorned with flowers? If not, then let me build a world where he exist, where his traumas are heard, and where his emotions are validated.

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