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*Commercial fee= $50

*digital file=$10

*re-sketch= $120

*more than 6 characters= $100 per head

*Tips (optional)

Commission Prices

1 character:

 + no background = $170

 + colored background = $175

 + detailed background = $195

2 characters:

 + no background = $270

 + colored background = $275

 + detailed background = $295

3-4 characters:

 + no background = $370

 + colored background = $375

 + detailed background = $395

5-6 characters:

 + no background = $570

 + colored background = $575

 + detailed background = $595



 + digital file = $10/art

 + commercial fee = $50/art

 + tips = any amount (optional)

 + re-sketch = $120

 + more than 6 characters = $100 per head

Commission Policy and Commission Process

*Placing your commission order means you agree and accept the terms and conditions listed below.

-My art commissions are traditionally drawn in 8x10" watercolor paper. The artworks are illustrated with watercolor, gouache, markers, fine-liners and gel rollers.

-All ideas are entertained except when it involves depiction of minors in disturbing/adult scenarios, and when the idea potentially offends any religious groups.

-Place your order before sending your project's description and reference photos to or through Instagram: mon.reyes.artworks

-During our discussion of the project, please specify ALL your ideas and reference photos. Details should include:

 a. hair- color, length, texture

 b. skin- color, marks (tattoo, scars, freckles, moles, stretch marks, etc.)

 c. body- type, height (height difference with other characters), facial expression, pose, focus (bust, full body, etc.), point of view (side view, front view, etc.)

 d. clothing- color, style, accessories

 e. background- color, details

 f. paper's orientation- landscape, portrait

 g. NSFW or SFW

 h. Commercial or Personal Use


-After the discussion comes the sketch. I will show you a picture of the sketch, then will only proceed with the more permanent processes like inking and painting after getting your response/approval of the sketch. In case I miss a minor detail during the sketch process, or you forgot a minor detail during our discussion, please inform me immediately so that I could make the adjustments.


-If the change requires re-sketching, you need to pay a fee of $120 for the wasted time and effort. To avoid such unpleasant scenario, please provide ALL the details in the beginning of the project.

-If you want to receive an email of a high-res file of your commissioned piece, a $10 fee is collected for every art, payable through VENMO / PAYPAL (Add Ons). Include this option in our discussion so that I could prepare and save your file before sending out the physical product.

-When the commissioned piece is intended commercially, I will not include my signature and date of creation. Commercial fee of $50 is payable through VENMO OR PAYPAL (Add Ons). I don't ask anything about the sales you make out of the art you commissioned me, but if you choose to share a percentage, I'll be glad to accept them.

-If you want to get an insurance for your package, you can pay them through the Add Ons. Just in case, in rare occasion, you suspect that the package is lost, please allow 1-3 weeks until it arrives. Commissioned pieces are impossible to remake. Please understand that neither of us is at fault in situations like this.

-Cancellation does not come with a refund. If you choose to drop the project, that is possible. But by taking up a commission spot and wasting the time and effort during the art process, the fees are already implied. 


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