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Zach's Fantasy

All you needed was a picture of me

pinned on your wall to fulfill your fantasy.

'Till it's no longer enough; you needed something more.

You wonder what I smell and taste like, so you begin to explore.

You befriended me, then invited me over during the break of Fall.

What could've been if I never saw the picture of me pinned on your wall?


The title "Zach's Fantasy" is a wordplay that originated in "Czech's (Wall) Fantasy"

where the setting in this art is inspired from.

My artwork, as supported by my originally composed poem, implies another meaning to the picture. This work of art talks about someone's unhealthy obsession and how the victim avoided it.... or not.


The ORIGINAL art is a watercolor illustration on 8x10" archival paper. Signed, dated, and framed in a modified shadowbox. The "front wall" is hand-painted and customized with upcycled materials. It is detachable with magnets. Included in this package is another ORIGINAL piece of art- a graphite drawing of the character's "normal" portraiture. ORIGINAL poem is also composed, hand-written, and included in this piece.


Art prints art printed matte on 8x10" photo paper

Zach's Fantasy

PriceFrom $27.00
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