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The original piece is a (signed and dated) 8x10" watercolor illustration enclosed in a shadowbox. The shadowbox serving its purpose as a frame is also the "room" that makes this piece a 3-dimensional art... 4D even. To make it feel more life-like, I also added tentacles that are individually hand-sculpted and painted by yours truly. The holes are intentionally drilled for you to insert your finger and activate the light- making this piece an interactive art.


The implied light in the painting is emphasized more by the actual light I affixed (using magnets) to the shadowbox. Its battery has a span of 180 days. To recharge the light, you just have to open the back of the shadow box, detach it from the magnet, and use the charger that came with your package.


If you wish to clean the inside part of the box, especially the glass, I recommend dusting it off gently using a soft paintbrush or a clean makeup brush.


The art prints, on the other hand, are as exciting to collect as the original art. Art prints are printed on 8x10" matte paper using genuine ink cartridges. The colors are so rich, with proper handling and display, lasts a century.


PriceFrom $30.00
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