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Elisha Kemp Mon Reyes Artworks


1- Adrienne wakes up (Wake the Gods cover)

2-  Jadikira (Burn the Stars cover)

3-  Kitanetos pulling Adrienne from the sea (Drown the Sea cover)

4- Britomartis (Minas cover)

5- Adrienne and Nerites face the ketos

6- Asterion and Jadikira (Between the Sun and Stars cover)

7- Lily (The Season cover)

8- Lily (The Mountain cover)


Every design is printed on 8x10" matte photo paper

If you want to learn more about these characters, the books are available at elishakempbooks ! The title for each book is stated in the "options" above. Elisha Kemp commissioned me to design these characters for her, and early in May 2024, she permitted me to sell prints out of them.


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