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Don't Tell

Don't tell anyone our secret

Learn how to "Hide-and-Sick" it

Between the master and the puppet

If you expose the cherry, I will pop it


Don't tell me you miss it

The way I rub-and-kiss it

Spread you open with my fingers

Combine our scents 'till it lingers


Don't tell me it's my fault

You turned into a pillar of salt

You know damn well you started it

You're a slithering snake, choke on it!


The ORIGINAL art is a watercolor illustration on 8x10" ACID-FREE cold-pressed watercolor paper. Signed and dated. The background is painted with acrylic paint that color-shifts from bluish to purplish.
Art prints are printed matte on 8x10" professional paper. The colors in the background don't shift. The photo above (with the bluish-toned background) is the version that appears on the print.

Don't Tell

PriceFrom $27.00
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